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Chat Instructions


Downloading the program

1: To download the MS Chat program click here.
2: Choose "Chat" from the "Product Name" menu.
3: Choose your operating system from the drop-down menu. I checked them all, it looks like the chat program is only available for Win '95/'98, and NT. I couldn't find a Mac program, sorry.
4: Click " Find it"
5: If you already have Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher, select version 2. If you don't have IE, you'll need to use version 2a.
6: Click on the " Mschat2.exe " link. ( Or Mschat2a.exe, if you need that one)
7: Follow the instructions for download and installation.

Going to the chat room

1: Open the MS Chat program.
2: In the " Server " line, choose Microsoft Chat Servers.
3: Click the " Go to chat room" circle, and type in " antiqueoutboards ". ( no spaces, no cap's, without the quotation marks)
4: Click " OK ", and you should be all set.
   The 1st time you use the program, you'll have to pick a user name and you can create a user profile if you like. Just remember that other people will be able to look at your profile.