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Video Clips!
I finally got the equiptment to pull video from my camcorder
Here's a few mpg's, bear with me while I get used to the new hardware.

The 1st time out with the Trojan (running the Lark 35)

Running the '58 Mk55 on the trojan

Another short clip of the '58 Mk55

Here's a few clips of an "Aquacar" at the '99 show in Clayton, NY
    clip 1
    clip 2
    clip 3

A super nice AristoCraft with a '57 Mk55 at the Clayton show.

Just a short clip of the Trojan anchored in the river

Another short clip, this a rear view from the Trojan running the Lark 35 WOT

Here's 2 short clips from the Antique Raceboat Regatta in Clayton, Ny 8/19/00

A runabout,  powered by a "corn popper" Mk20H conversion, pushing it good in the rough chop

One of the bigger inboard hydro's  hitting the course (you gotta hear these motors!)