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Misc. Pics and Things
A place for misc. pics that don't really go anywhere else

     Under the "Motors in the Works" heading, I said I call them the pile of parts in the shop. Just in case you thought I was kidding, here's a small part of my small shop. It's not usually that messy, but with the Jaws boat and 3 or 4 motor projects going on at the same time, I run out of room.
    This is just a shot of some of my motors on the stand in the shop. There's also a Merc 850 in-line 6 power head (the 90 ci. one) under the motors in a box, along with other misc. lower unit parts.
    Here's a few pics from the new outboard exhibit at the Clayton
    More pics from Clayton, this time from the Antique Race boat Regatta

s ome pics of the model boat I'm building. This isn't from a kit, I'm                  doing the whole thing from measurements taken from the Trojan.
                 Some misc. pics of 2 sets of controls pic 1 pic 2 pic 3,  and a KG7 gas                            tank pic 1 pic 2 and recoil I'm painting.

5/9/01: This the 1st motor that I'm restoring for someone else. It's a '58 Mark 30H racer. It's pretty much a bits-n-pieces motor, the power head is from a standard '56 Mk30, the lower cowl looks like it may have come from a '58 Mk55 (it's got the holes drilled in it for the "Powered By The Famous Thunderbolt Engine" emblem and I've never seen these emblems on a Mk30. Could be wrong, though) , the serial # on the transom clamp is for a non-race something (I think it's from a '58 Mk30), it's got the standard starting instructions (shift into neutral, etc.) and no model identification , so I'm assuming it's not original "H" equipment and the face plate emblem is '58. I'm only doing a cosmetic resto on this one, the owner says it runs great. So far I've got the whole thing stripped, the gear case and tower are painted and done, the upper/ lower cowls and face plate are primed and waiting for paint, and I found a set of chrome "trim bands" that go around the upper/ lower cowls. I also had to swap the drive shaft, the one in the motor was in bad shape on the top splines and I found a usable one to replace it.

Here's a few pics of the motor as it was when I got it: Pic 1, Pic 2

Here's where it's at now:  Pic 1, Pic 2 , Pic 3, Pic 4