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Motors In The Works

Or as I like to call them, "That pile of parts in the work shop"

Just a little info about myself first. Sometimes I think I'd rather find motors that need a lot of work, as opposed to buying a resto'd one. I enjoy tearing them apart, finding out what's wrong, and making it work again. I've been known to take stuff apart and rebuild it just to make sure everything is ok before I find out the hard way. Don't get me wrong, finding real nice original motors is great, but to me, bringing one back from the dead is just as good. This is the reason why you'll usually see just as many (if not more) motors here, as in the "My Motors" section. They'll stay here until they're done, then move to the finished section.
  That said, here's a list of projects on the slate.

1946 KD4 (#2)   Pic 2
  This was an on-line purchase. Not bad cosmetically, but needs a prop shaft/ gear, and some ignition work. I might take some parts off this one for the old KD4, then get everything I need for the new one later.

1952 KE4
 Picked this one up from a friend 3/2. It runs ok, but had a water leak. While looking for the leak, I found that the pistons were scored and the rod bearings are a little sloppy. I'm probably going to tear it down and rebuild the whole motor. It sits in a pile on the bench now, while I decide if I'm going to do it right away or wait. The lower cowls are missing in the pic, but the guy says he's pretty sure he's got them.

1955 Scott Atwater 10hp. Bail-o-Matic (On the left )
  The last of the 3/26 motors, also seized. I love the way these motors look. I'm not sure what it is about them, just neat looking I guess. Another clean, mostly complete motor. It looks like some parts may be missing, but I'm not sure. I don't know much about these yet. This one's going on the back burner too, but will get done before the other S/A. I need to get some manuals and get to know them before I start either project.

1957 Mk75 pic 2 pic3
  5/7/01: Lots of work done on this one over the late winter! I put new pistons, rings, ALL the bearings, reeds and one reed cage. I've also got the tower and gear case stripped, primed and ready for paint. The upper/ lower cowl isn't ready yet, but I may end up getting new ones as the originals are pitted in the "bare aluminum" areas. I put new seals in the gear case and a new impeller is ready once it's painted. I also spent some time on a prop for the motor, a 2 blade 13p bronze prop that I got somewhere along the line. I cleaned it up good and polished it, it came out VERY nice. I've also got an aluminum 3 blade (not sure on the pitch, there's no #'s on it) that I cleaned up and painted. All I need now is the paint and a few gaskets and she's ready to go. I may run this on the Jaws boat for a bit to break it in and tune it until I get the Berglund done.  I also stripped and painted a nice set of controls for this motor over the  winter. I'll get some more pics up soon on the progress of this motor.

  I was looking for parts to build a '57 Mk75 and found this complete, but seized motor! The '57 power head that's been bouncing around is going on this motor now. I'm going to tear this one right down and do a nice paint job on it. It also came with a set of controls (Yeah!). I've thought about dropping this motor on the back of the Trojan, when it's done, just to see what it'll do! That's probably not a real good idea, though (hee-he-he).
    I tore the seized power head apart and  it can be saved! That's why it's not all there in the pics. I got it taken  apart before I remembered to take a few pics, so I just put the block back  in so it looks like a motor. Once I get this one rebuilt, I'll have an extra  Mk75 p/h!
    I originally thought this motor was a '58 because of the decals. I looked up the ser. # and it's definitely a '57. They used the '58 decal set on the late year '57's, so says the parts list.

1958 Mk28

  The other Merc that I got from the old dealer. It's missing the top cowl, but otherwise looks GREAT! I pulled the auto trans apart and it all looks new, same with the power head. It looks like he was rebuilding this motor when he passed on. It needs a prop and top cowl, that's it. I was planning on running this motor on the Trojan with the NOS remote throttle I have, but that's up in the air now.

1958 Mk55 Pic2Pic3

  I found this one sitting in a shed at an old marina. It had great compression, but no spark. The price was right, so I brought it home, pulled off the top cowl, and behold....broken timing belt! A new belt, carb rebuild, and cleaning-o-the points made it run just fine. This one is in the plans for one of my hydro's. It's in a large box now waiting for paint. The power head is STRONG, so I don't think I'll mess with it.

1958 Mk55 #2
 I picked this one up with another Merc 400. It's another non-electric and was missing the magneto and the face plate. I put a mag on it and it runs great! The skeg and the exhaust outlet under the cavitation plate have been ground down, so I'll need a gear case for it. As with most everything else I have it'll need a paint job. I've got a project in mind for this motor and the other '58 Mk55. I won't spill the beans yet, but if I do it, it'll be fun!

1959 Mk78A pic2
 Another from the motor expedition to Central NY. This motor is actually the reason I went. It's complete, but the power head is shot. My original hope was to free up the motor, but no such luck. I pulled off all the good parts, then put the Mk75 p/h on it. I painted it (just a "pretty it up" paint job, the color isn't even right), and it runs good. I won't bore everyone by repeating everything I went through with this motor (it's all in the updates section), suffice it to say, it's a labor of love and will be around for a long time. Even when I get the Mk75 parts to make a motor, I'll find the right power head for this one and keep it going.

1959 Mk78A #2
 This one is missing the upper cowl/recoil, the wrap around band, and some ignition parts. I'll either pull this power head to use on the other Mk78A, or take parts off the other one for this one. This one has matching #'s, so I think I'll make this one the complete motor. Either way, sooner or later, I'll have 2 complete Mk78A's.

1959 Mk78A #3
  Yep, another one! I picked this one up with a bunch of NOS parts and 2 other motors (see the updates section). It's all there and runs great! This one is going on the Jaws boat for now. Sooner or later (read: when i get around to doing it), this is going to be one of the 2 Mk78A's on the catamaran, unless I can find 2 descent Mk78's in the meantime. Still working on pics.

1961 Merc 400
 I got this with the new '58 Mk55. It runs GREAT, but needs a gear case. I'll probably put together one good one and put it on this motor to keep, then unload all the other stuff newer than '59. I need the room to concentrate on the motors I really like.

1961 Merc 700 (Direct Reversing)

This motor has been retired. I'm leaving the listing here though, for the continuing saga of the '57 Mk75 power head. I'm sure I'll find someone with a use for the Merc 700 tower/ lower unit.
I got this motor in a package deal with a bunch of 60's Merc parts and a seized '55 Mk55E. It's got great compression, but no spark. I got new points and condensers (the old ones were SHOT!), but I haven't put them in yet. It'll probably need coils too, but I'll get it straightened out eventually. This one's going on the '61 Crestliner when it's done. I still need to find a set of controls, though.
   New info on this motor! Just in case you haven't checked the update page, I looked up the # on the power head (it didn't match), and I've got a '57 Mk75 p/h. Still no spark, but this finding opens up a whole new direction for this project. Not sure where it'll go yet, keep checking back.
 4/13: Got the coils today. Fired right up, YAHOOO! I hate running motors dry, even for a short check, but I can't get this heavy sucker into the tank by myself! I also found that I'm missing some parts that I thought were there. The prop nut, thrust washer, and one other washer behind the prop aren't in the box. So I add them to the list of things to get. I'm STILL working on getting a set of controls. Now that I know it runs, I'll put a little more effort into finding the parts for it. Hopefully, it'll be on the Crestliner and in the water this year. I'm pretty much committed to finding a different power head for this motor and putting together a Mk75 one piece at a time. Maybe I'll get lucky and find one with a bad p/h. Either way, it's  staying "as-is" for a while.
 4/25: I got a buddy to help me carry the monster to the tank, WOW, that's a heavy motor! I pulled the l/u off to check the impeller before I ran it. That was fine, but the water line from the pick-up to the water pump was shot. I made a new pipe and found a rubber bushing that fit on the end of it (the original was crumbled), and away we go! Whenever I run a motor for the 1st time, I mix the gas/ oil ratio heavy on the oil to lube it up good. Aside from excessive smoke due to the extra oil, it runs great! I forgot just how much I love the sound of these in-line 6 Mercs! A little tweaking on the carbs and it purrs like a kitten (Ok, maybe a tiger). I can't wait to get the rest of the parts and get it on the Jaws boat!