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My Motors

1946 KD4
 This is my 1st pre-'50 Merc. I generally stick to the Mk series motors, but I'm developing a real sweet tooth for these little "K" models.  I'd like to find a few of the '40/ '41 motors, and a KD3S/KD4S (recoil model '46-'47). I had to replace the carb and the "bra cup" plug covers are missing. I'll scrounge them up at a swap meet I hope.

1952 KG7/ Quicky

  This was my 1st "green tank" Merc. When I got it, the was no spark on one cylinder and very little on the other, the lower cowl was missing along with some of the throttle/ choke parts. The recoil was gone too. The motor sat around while I worked on others, but little by little, I gathered parts for it. I swiped the coils from a KE4 power head that I found and gave it a go just to see how it ran. It had great compression and started right up! I put it away for later and there is sat for a while. Fast forward to Aug. '00, I was getting married soon and received an early wedding present. A friend had found a complete "Q" length quicky tower and gear case and was giving it to me! I cleaned up the tower/ foot and there were no cracks, welds, or chips at all. The only thing missing was the transom clamp and swivel pin. I bolted on a spare KG7 clamp and the KG7 power head, mostly just to see it all together. I really had no intentions at that time of putting the KG power head on it, I figured I'd find another one for it. Eventually, I got the plans for my 1st hydroplane, built the boat, needed a motor for it and now, the KG7 has become a race motor. I ran it a few times in the late fall when I got the boat pretty much done (the boat story is in the "Boat Projects" section), then put it up for the winter, again with plans of finding a different power head. Over the winter, I got bored and decided to restore the KG7, then I figured I may as well do the Quicky tower/ foot as well. I started with the gas tank and recoil, then pulled the power head apart to check everything and clean out carbon, etc. I got the tank/ recoil looking nice (filled a few dings and scratches) and painted them, painted the power head parts, then started on the tower/ gear case for the Q. There were a lot of casting flaws in the tower so I filled quite a bit of it with spot putty. The small side cover on the tower was also missing, so I made one out of 1/8" aluminum. There was a little bit of pitting starting on the gear case, that got filled also. I forgot to mention, the tower and case had been chrome plated at one point and was flaking pretty bad, so I had to strip the whole assembly anyway. I also replaced the bushing in the tail cone (Thanks to Dan W!) and the impeller. It runs great and now looks great too! This is how it looked when I picked it up, and here's a shot with the other 2 motors I got that day. This is how the KG/ Q looked before resto. I've still got the standard KG7 tower and gear case and I'm keeping it until someday I'll find another power head for the racer. I'm going to use it to death and would hate to ruin the good original power head. I'd like to put together a "race" power head from spare parts if I can track them all down.

56 Mk6  Pic #2
This is a great little motor that I got from a friend. He had it sitting in his shed for years and asked if I wanted it. The paint is pretty faded, and at some point, his son decided to do a little "touch up" with red spray paint. Most of the original decals are still there and it runs great. I was thinking of restoring it, but I think I'll leave this one "as-is". It's pretty ugly, but it's got character. I may still end up doing it, though. The neutral cable sticks a little sometimes, so I may have to take it apart anyway.

1957 Mk55E
 The main motor for the Trojan. Right now, it's a mix-n-match motor. I pulled it apart over the winter to paint, but didn't do anything mechanical (it ran fine last year). When I put it back together, there was a slight knock in the power head. I didn't want to run it and chance really hurting it, so I put the '58 Mk55 power head on it for now. The original gear case and starter need work, so the '58 donated a gear case and a Merc 400 gave up a starter. I'll put it back to original when everything is repaired. For now it runs great and wants to get back in the water (my motors talk to me sometimes, usually after a long wrenching session, and perhaps a beer or 2).  ***NEW!!***
Here's a few "As found" pics of this motor
pic 1
pic 2
pic 3

Here's some other motors I've had.

  60's Merc 60
  Merc 60 another pic
  One more

Here's my 1st old outboard
  '57 Evinrude Lark 35

I'll be adding more pics as I get them loaded.