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Trojan Pics and Things
I made this temporary page just for the Trojan pics, (at least until I finish the restoration page and put them there) and as a place for misc. pics that don't really go anywhere else

Trojan pic #1
           pic #2
           pic #3
           pic #4
           pic #5

      Under the "Motors in the Works" heading, I said I call them the pile of parts in the shop. Just in case you thought I was kidding, here's a small part of my small shop. It's not usually that messy, but with the Jaws boat and 3 or 4 motor projects going on at the same time, I run out of room.
     This is just a shot of some of my motors on the stand in the shop. There's also a Merc850 in-line 6 power head (the 90 ci. one, whoo-hoo!) under the motors in a box, along with other misc. lower unit parts.
     Here's a few pics from the new outboard exhibit at the Clayton
     More pics from Clayton, this time from the Antique Raceboat Regatta