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An 8' hydroplane
Hal Kelly's "Racing 8" from Clark Craft


Here's a few video clips!!!

It's tough running a boat like this on the Hudson River any time other than very early in the morning or late in the afternoon (read: just about dusk! haha). There's usually not as much large boat traffic where I launch due to the shallower water on the flats and the fact that there's no docks here, just a launch ramp. We got there later than I wanted to this day, so I couldn't even get any good full laps in between the boats going by in the channel and rolling good sized wakes into shore. Small wakes aren't the problem, they're drivable, that bigger wakes from cruisers, barges, etc are another story as can be seen in clip 3.

 Clip 1 : Got a little air under the hydro just when I ran through a wake (it was starting to get pretty windy), THAT'S an odd feeling!!

  Clip 2 : This is the shortest clip, just a quick pass by the camera

  Clip 3 : The morning we shot this video, there was more traffic on the River than usual. This is a longer clip, running an 8' hydro through the return wake (waves bouncing back off the shore) of a cruiser probably not a good idea! I saw the wake, but it didn't look bad, so I kept going. The first few waves were OK, I'd been running through small wakes all morning, the last few were a bit bigger than I thought!You can see some of the other boats in the backround. It could've been worse, knees and back a bit sore from the bouncing, but no damage to the boat.