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Hello there, thanks for stopping by. I'm Travis and I'll be your guide. I live in upstate NY (the small town of Kinderhook, to be exact) and I collect, restore, and run old outboard motors and (mostly) wooden boats. More motors than boats really, they're easier to keep.

In the summer of '98, I brought a decrepit old wooden boat to my home. I suddenly noticed a steep and steady decline in my "spare time". I actually started this page over a year ago, get the picture? The following is an example of how a once sane and (semi) normal person can be enslaved by something made of wood and metal.

All kidding aside, what started out as "this might be kind of fun", turned into a hobby that I truly enjoy. All the searching for, working on, and sometimes swearing at old motors and boats, is truly rewarded when that motor runs for the 1st time in 40 years, or that boat that was sitting in someone's barn for the last decade or two hits the water again.

I'll be updating and adding to this site on a regular basis, so take a look around. I'm still working on getting most of the pics loaded, but there's a few here-n-there.

Updated 5/9/01

The 1954 Trojan Restoration Story

Misc Pics (Meets, races and stuff)

Motors In The Works

My Motors

Boat Projects

Some Video Clips!!

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